Golf Associations

Golf Associations
Look no further for the official sites of the leading golf associations and organisations from around the world. Dedicated to of the course caddying for golfers everywhere.

American Professional Golfers Association (PGA)
Comment: Founded in 1916, the PGA of America is the largest working sports organization in the world. The American Professional Golfers Association organises several prestigious tournaments and competitions around the world. The site has all the latest news and updates for each tournament, and you can buy tickets online.

English Golf Union
Comment: The English Golf Union was established in 1924 and is the governing body for male amateur golf in England. The EGU arranges major amateur tournaments, looks after the interests of over 1,890 affiliated golf clubs and some 730,000 club members.

European Golf Association
Comment: The European Golf Association was founded during a meeting held in Luxemburg on the 20th of November 1937. The Association concerns itself solely with matters of an international character. On the site find out about the Federations, Tournaments, Statistics and related links.

Golf Foundation of Britain
Comment: The Golf Foundation is a registered charity established to develop and promote junior golf throughout the British Isles. It is supported by all the governing bodies of golf as well as individuals and companies who believe in its objectives and wish to contribute to the long-term future of the sport.

Golfing Union of Ireland
Comment: The Golfing Union of Ireland, which was founded in 1891, is the oldest golfing union in the world. On this site you can find out the latest news, what events are happening in Ireland and with the Union, as well as go through to numerous links. The Union also have a great project for junior golf.

Ladies Golf Union
Comment: The Ladies’ Golf Union consists of the National Organisations (English Ladies’ Golf Association, Irish Ladies’ Golf Union, Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association and the Welsh Ladies’ Golf Union), ladies’ golf clubs and ladies’ sections of recognised golf clubs and every annual playing member of those clubs within Great Britain and Ireland.

Ladies Professional Golf Association
Comment: This organisation has grown from its roots as a playing tour into a non-profit organisation involved in every facet of golf. Go online to view a detailed timeline of the Ladies Professional Golf Association, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in the year 2000.

Professional Golfers Association
Comment: The professional Golfers Association of the UK. PGA organise a number of national tournaments and competitions, as well as training schools. The PGA now has over 5,000 qualified professionals, who between them employ just under 1,000 Registered Trainees.

Scottish Golf Union
Comment: The Scottish Golf Union aim to develop and maintain a strong domestic game, and achieve consistently strong international performance. They also aim to develop and maintain a high public profile, and to have strong and appropriate governance and management.

Scottish Ladies Golfing Association (SLGA)
Comment: The SLGA aim to uphold the rules of the game and to further the interests of ladies’ amateur golf in Scotland. And to arrange the National Championship and international and other competitions held under the auspices of the Association.